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Gun Digest Book of the M1 Garand

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  • 2023

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Discover the Thrill of Owning and Shooting the M1 Garand!

See why today’s shooters prefer the reliability and firepower of the Garand — for survival, competition and fun!

Few American firearms have stood the test of time like the M1 Garand. The World War II-era semi-automatic rifle designed by John C. Garand has been immortalized by General George S. Patton, who described it as "The greatest battle implement ever devised." It embodies the solid feel and construction that only wood and steel can provide and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with other timeless military guns, including the iconic 1911 handgun. Indeed, the M1 Garand remains a popular choice for today’s shooters.

Now, in Gun Digest Book of the M1 Garand, noted firearms authority Patrick Sweeney explores everything from the history and basic design of the Garand to buying, collecting, maintaining and shooting America’s most-cherished .30-06 rifle.

Inside You’ll Discover:

·       History and Development of the Garand

·       How the Garand works

·       What to look for when buying a Garand

·       How to improve your Garand’s accuracy

·       Handloading for the Garand  and ammunition specifics

·       Competing with the Garand

·       Sighting-in and shooting the Garand

Whether you’re interested in learning how to evaluate proofmarks and start a Garand collection or want an old-school warhorse for prepping or plinking, Sweeney covers it all in Gun Digest Book of the M1 Garand!

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