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Magazines and Modern Identities - Global Cultures of the Illustrated Press, 1880-1945

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  • 2023

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In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, ideals of technological progress and mass consumerism shaped the print cultures of countries across the globe. Magazines in Europe, the USA, Latin America, and Asia inflected a shared internationalism and technological optimism. But there were equally powerful countervailing influences, of patriotic or insurgent nationalism, and of traditionalism, that promoted cultural differentiation. In their editorials, images, and advertisements magazines embodied the tensions between these domestic imperatives and the forces of global modernity.Magazines and Modern Identities explores how these tensions played out in the magazine cultures of ten different countries, describing how publications drew on, resisted, and informed the ideals and visual forms of global modernism. Chapters take in the magazines of Australia, Europe and North America, as well as China, The Soviet Turkic states, and Mexico. With contributions from leading international scholars, the book considers the pioneering developments in European and North American periodicals in the modernist period, whilst expanding the field of enquiry to take in the vibrant magazine cultures of east Asia and Latin America. The construction of these magazines’ modern ideals was a complex, dialectical process: in dialogue with international modernism, but equally responsive to their local cultures, and the beliefs and expectations of their readers. Magazines and Modern Identities captures the diversity of these ideals, in periodicals that both embraced and criticised the globalised culture of the technological era.

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