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Understanding Zizek, Understanding Modernism

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  • 2024

  • Engelsk

Slavoj Žižek is one of today’s leading theorists, whose polemical works span topics from German idealism to Lacanian psychoanalysis, from Shakespeare to Beckett, and from Hitchcock to Lynch. Critical through and through of both post-modern ideological complacencies—e.g., the death of the subject and the return to ethics—and pre-modern ones—e.g., the re-enchantment of the world, the embrace of postcritique—Žižek doubles down on the virtues of the modern, on what it means to be modern, and to ask modern questions (about the subject, nature, and political economy) in the age of the Anthropocene. This volume takes up the challenges laid out by Žižek’s iconoclastic thinking and its reverberations in an array of fields: philosophy, psychoanalysis, political theory, literary studies, and film studies, among others. Žižek’s multi-disciplinary appeal attests to the provocation, if not scandal, of his politically incorrect thought. Understanding Žižek, Understanding Modernism makes the force and inventiveness of Žižek’s writings accessible to a wide range of students and scholars invested in the open question of modernism and its legacies.

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