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The Lie

The Lie

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Lagerstatus På lager. Sendes normalt fra oss i løpet av 1-2 virkedager
Format Pocket
Utgivelsesår 2015
Forlag HarperCollins Publishers
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9780007544271
Sider 480

Om The Lie

Praise for The Lie: 'Haunting and heart-stoppingly creepy, The Lie is a gripping roller coaster of suspense.' SUNDAY EXPRESS '5/5 stars - Spine-chilling!' WOMAN MAGAZINE 'An excellent psychological thriller' Heat Magazine 'Packed with twists and turns, this brilliantly tense thriller will get your blood pumping.' Claire Frost, Fabulous Magazine 'Fast-paced, tense and atmospheric, a guaranteed bestseller' Mark Edwards "A gripping page-turner full of intrigue and suspense." Lucy Clarke 'Creepy, horrifying and twisty. C L Taylor is extremely good at writing stories in which you have no idea which characters you can trust, and the result is intriguing and scary and extremely gripping.' Julie Cohen, 2014 Richard and Judy Summer Book Club Pick 'The Lie is absolutely brilliant - The Beach, only darker, more thrilling and more tense. It's the story of a twisted, distorted friendship. It's a compelling, addictive and wonderfully written tale. Can't recommend it enough.' Louise Douglas 'A gripping and disturbing psychological thriller: every bit as good as The Accident.' Clare Mackintosh 'Black Narcissus for the Facebook generation; a clever exploration of how petty jealousies and misunderstandings can unravel even the tightest of friendships. Claustrophobic, tense and thrilling, a thrill-ride of a novel that keeps you guessing.' Elizabeth Haynes 'My heart was racing after I finished CL Taylor's brilliant new book The Lie. Dark, creepy and full of twists. I loved it.' Rowan Coleman 'C L Taylor is fast becoming the queen of psychological suspense. Read this: you won't be disappointed.' Victoria Fox 'A plot both brilliant and chilling; characters both appealing and dark and a terrifying climax to which you will race with your heart hammering in your chest. Masterful storytelling; a brilliant read.' Lucy Robinson C L Taylor produces dark and intriguing page-turners, with strong characters and great pace. Paul Finch


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Skriv anmeldelse

Tanja Alina Berg
9. mai 2016

Decent thriller

Rating 3.4* out of 5. Most of this was really good. I had no idea where the story was headed and wasn't able to figure out the ending after 50 pages. That is definitely one up on, say, "the Girl on the train". The ending was a bit of a dud though, or this would have been a clear 4* rating. Jane is working at an animal shelter. She has changed or named and address and given up all of her previous life after a disastrous trip to Nepal. Someone knows who she really is though, and the hints soon turn into threats while Jane desperately tries to figure out whom she can trus. The present day anxities weave in to the story of what really happened five years ago. It's a story of deteriorating friendships and disloyalty. This was, over all, much better than expected. The writing and plotting is good, the characters ring true and the main character Jane / Emma is likeable for all her quirks. I will be reading more of this author, that much is certain. Easy and entertaining read, with a so

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