Dancing in the Glory of Monsters

Dancing in the Glory of Monsters

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Format Pocket
Utgivelsesår 2012
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781610391078
Sider 416

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Om Dancing in the Glory of Monsters

"Jason Stearns is probably better qualified and better able than any man alive to write about Congo. This is history felt on the body, and told from the heart." (JOHN LE CARRE) "(Dancing in the Glory of Monsters is) a brave and accessible take on the leviathan at the heart of so many of Africa's problems... Stearns's eye for detail, culled from countless interviews, brings this book alive.. . I once wrote that the Congo suffers from 'a lack of institutional memory', meaning that its atrocities well so inexorably that nobody bothers to keep an account of them. Stearns's book goes a long way to putting that right." (DAILY TELEGRAPH) "(t)his courageous book is a plea for more nuanced understanding and the silencing of the analysis-free 'the horror, the horror' exclamation that Congo still routinely wrings from Western lips." (MICHAELA WRONG, SPECTATOR) "[Stearns] is probably the most widely travelled and the most meticulous and empathetic observer of the war there. This is a serious book about the social and political forces behind one of the most violent clashes of modern times - as well as a damn good read." (THE ECONOMIST) "Stearns has done a fine job of amassing vast amounts (of material), much of it based directly on interviews with the participants and victims, to bring to light details of a scandalously under-reported war... (T)his book succeeds in providing a vivid chronicles of this rolling conflict involving 20 rival rebel groups." (SUNDAY TIMES) "(Dancing in the Glory of Monsters) is one of the most gripping and comprehensive accounts of this human tragedy yet written... Stearns makes a convincing case that greater international understanding is a crucial first step - and if he's right then this book could be a major contribution." (NEW HUMANIST)"


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