The Girl He Used to Know

The Girl He Used to Know

The most surprising and unexpected romance of 2019 from the bestselling author

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Format Nedlastbar lydbok
Kopisperre Vannmerket (SDRM)
Utgivelsesår 2019
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781409184478
Spilletid 485min.

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Om The Girl He Used to Know

An unusual love. Two broken hearts. What difference does 10 years make? Annika Rose has always been different. Sensory overload is a constant problem for her. She has a hard time reading people and feels lost in social situations. She's a brilliant chess player but can't pull an outfit together to save her life. In her last year of college, she's the weird girl whose only real friend is her roommate, Janice. Then, one day, Jonathan joins the chess club and is immediately captivated by the mysterious girl whose attention is completely fixed on her game. Despite challenges, the two fall in love. Jonathan is patient and understanding of Annika's quirks and seems to like her just the way she is. Annika, in turn, finds the world less confusing and ominous when she's with Jonathan. As graduation looms, they begin making plans for the future. But a traumatic event will force them apart, shattering their connection and leaving them to navigate their lives alone. A decade later, a highly functioning Annika and a jaded Jonathan meet by accident and feel the tug of old feelings and the passionate attraction they once shared. Will they be able to pick up where they left off, or will time and old betrayals keep them from each other? The Girl He Used to Know is an uplifting novel about taking second chances, celebrating our differences and facing your fears. Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes, Gail Honeyman, Jill Santopolo and Sliding Doors. (p) Orion Publishing Group Ltd 2019

Tracey Garvis Graves pens a compelling novel with beautifully rendered characters, an extraordinary tale filled with sensitivity and empathy that gives readers a peek into the world of autism through the eyes of a woman who proves to be as audacious as she is charming. Readers, don't you dare miss this love story. Written with sensitivity and spot-on truth, this is the most riveting, rewarding, refreshing novel I've read in years. Tracey Garvis Graves has crafted an incredible story with a unique premise and characters you'll want to root for. The last thirty pages had me on the edge of my seat. This book is beautiful I adore Tracey Garvis Graves' work Tracey Garvis Graves is a must read author. Her voice is wise, tender and refreshing No one does unexpected romance like Tracey Garvis Graves-and with her latest, Graves has bested even herself. Smart and sensitive, with wholly original characters you can't help but root for, The Girl He Used to Know is unlike any book I've read. I loved every page.


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