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David Livingstone - Africa’s Greatest Explorer

Av Vance Christie, del av serien
Trail Blazers
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  • 2024

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Journey alongside one of Christianity’s most courageous pioneers in Vance Christie’s biography for pre–teens.  Born into humble beginnings in Scotland in 1813, Livingstone’s faith and passion for exploration shaped his extraordinary life.  Inspired by the Gospel’s call to serve others, Livingstone pursued a path of missionary work and exploration, driven by a deep conviction to share the love of Christ with those in distant lands. Despite facing adversity and hardship, he remained steadfast in his belief that God had called him to Africa to spread the message of salvation.  Livingstone encountered incredible challenges throughout his expeditions, from treacherous jungles to fierce wildlife, yet he persevered, trusting in God’s guidance every step of the way. His adventures led him to discover breath–taking natural wonders and to forge friendships with African tribes.  His legacy extends beyond his explorations: his unwavering commitment to ending the slave trade and uplifting the oppressed reflects his deep faith and compassion for humanity. Through his remarkable journey, Livingstone showed the power of God to transforming lives and shaping history. His story continues to inspire believers around the world to follow God’s call with courage and conviction.  The Trailblazer’s series collects great stories from Christians of the past and delivers them to the young people of today.  This gripping and astonishing story from Vance Christie will challenge young readers to trust God as Livingstone did.  A well–known and long–standing series:Over 50 titles Great for ages 9 to 14Published in 14 languages Half a million books soldAlso available in box sets when one book is not enough! 7 themed box sets, each with 5books Each biography follows the trailblazer’s journey to faith,and on to the work that God had planned for them. With lots of dialogue, these engaging stories show how God uses normal individuals to bring about his purpose.  Each book features:Thinking Further Topics for each chapter to help readers think about how what they’ve read applies to their life todayTimeline of important events in the lifetime of each book’s subject

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