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Divining Woman - Reclaiming Female Sexual Spirit, Culture and Genealogy

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  • 2024

  • Engelsk

Divining Woman is directed to both the academic for research praxis and general reader interested in female history. It takes the reader on a historical journey from the rise of patriarchy and its grand narratives that defined the place of women in western culture and which still resonate today. At the same time is the lesser, but extremely interesting history of a contemporary woman as she navigates the place of one woman in today’s world and how the reader might evaluate their own place as a creative force in reclaiming her voice, culture and lineage today. The author takes a systemic approach in her research that introduces a different history of certain women throughout time, with their specific characteristics and skills, as well as their impactful actions. It is a reclamation of female culture and a newfound history of female genealogy within a framework that covers the female spiritual in Celtic, Christian, Buddhist and the secular arts.  The in-depth research, historical and cultural interplay, literary quests and myths promote a compelling case of women’s fight against subjugation and exclusion.

This is both academic research and feminist storytelling intertwined with historical events that provide the reader with a creative insight into the topic. On one hand, academic research and analysis style gives an overview of patriarchy and its effects, past and present, and on the other. The first-person narration, personal anecdotes and storytelling help bring Divining Woman to life. Content is thus enhanced and complemented by these two styles. This thesis places the reader in a prime position to launch the young academic on the road to finding solutions ‘outside’ the mainstream schools of thought – because it is honest, personable and thoroughly academically researched. 

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