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Life as a Cabaret - A Modern Portrait

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  • 2024

  • Engelsk

Cabaret has historically existed on the fringes, populated by those who find themselves, voluntarily or involuntarily, falling outside of conventional society. It pushes the boundaries of gender, politics, identity, power, and social norms. It’s live and unpredictable, bringing together a variety of performances to create a unique, and often never-repeated, entertainment experience. A cabaret show consists of a selection of short performances in a variety of styles and genres, including drag, burlesque, boylesque, circus and sideshow. Shows happen anywhere and everywhere - bar, club, theatre, library, carpark; cabaret’s adaptability and ephemeral nature are what set it apart from the formality and precision of traditional theater.

Life as a Cabaret celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of the underground cabaret scene, uplifting and representing those who are typically overlooked. With a focus on Drag Kings, Queens and In-Betweens, Burlesque, Boylesque and Queerlesque, this book showcases this incredibly dynamic and fascinating world for what it really is – glamorous, polished and professional at times, but also intoxicatingly punk, inescapably queer and gloriously messy. It’s a space for experimentation, for pushing and challenging boundaries, for seeking a voice and a platform that’s unavailable in mainstream society, creating a different kind of society, even if it’s just for one night.

Life as a Cabaret is not only a cross-section of the drag world, but also a love letter to it. The photographs showcase each performer’s individuality as works of art in and of themselves, immortalizing the beauty and power of these individuals who are determined to stand out from the crowd, embracing the hustle, oddness, contradictions, differences, and most of all, the unstoppable creativity.

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