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Spider-Man Psychology - Untangling Webs

  • Innbundet

  • 2023

  • Engelsk

Why didn’t Peter Parker stop the burglar who killed Uncle Ben?

Are Spider-Man’s foes inherently evil, or are they victims of circumstances beyond their control?

What do the many web-slinging superheroes across the Spider-Verse tell us about the choices we make in the world(s) we inhabit?

And who really wants to date a superhero, anyway? Especially an underdog like Spider-Man . . .

Spider-Man has been ranked among the best-selling superhero characters since the 1960s, often as the best-selling superhero of all time. Much of his popularity lies in his humanity and his status as the poster boy for neurotic superheroes.

In Spider-Man Psychology: Untangling Webs, Travis Langley (author of the acclaimed Batman and Psychology and Stranger Things Psychology) is back with his team of expert contributors to plumb the psychological depths of our favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Drawing examples from comic book stories, motion pictures (including the animated blockbuster Spider-Verse movie series), and a few well-known video games or TV cartoons, Dr. Langley and his team will untangle a variety of sticky psychological issues found throughout the famed web slinger''s time-tested saga to help readers better understand psychology. 

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