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Blockchain Radicals - How Capitalism Ruined Crypto and How to Fix It

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  • 2023

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Blockchain Radicals uncovers the radical political potential of the blockchain, showing how it can be used by the left in the fight against capitalism.
The blockchain is often understood only in its simplistic relationship to financial speculation and marketed as a way to onboard potential customers into the crypto economy. But what if it held a more radical potential that was waiting to be unlocked?
By moving past simply equating the blockchain with cryptocurrency and instead trying to understand what these tools do and how they work, Blockchain Radicals shows how the blockchain can be used by a left that is in need of new ideas in its struggle to create a better world for all. Steering between boosters on the right and cynics on the left, it shows us how the blockchain is a space where new post-capitalist strategies and collectives are already emerging.
Questioning all the assumptions we have about currencies, markets, information, politics, and its limitations, the blockchain allows us to begin moving past the question of why the future has seemed to be standing still for so long.

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