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Conflicts in the Middle East and Africa - State, Non-State Actors and Unheard Voices

  • Innbundet

  • 2024

  • Engelsk

This book explores the multifaceted dynamics between state and non-state actors in public policy during and after conflict in the Middle East and Africa. It offers case studies and policy-relevant ideas for conflict-affected areas to move forward in a more sustainable manner.

Following the Arab Spring revolutions, civil wars have plagued the Middle East and North Africa region, along with other countries in Africa. The task of rebuilding peace and institutionalizing stability in conflict-affected countries or fragile states emerging from conflict is a daunting, uncertain, and context-specific task. Yet focusing on understanding conflicts in the Middle East and Africa offers an important view of the role of non-state actors during conflicts. These regions feature the highest numbers of inter- and intra-state conflicts, and the governments are more often contested than in the rest of the world. The volume proposes different cases addressing the fundamental challenge of inclusion and cohesion of non-state actors during conflicts. By providing a comprehensive exploration of diverse perspectives, it empowers readers to engage with the pressing issues facing these regions.

This is a useful resource for students and researchers in public policy and governance studies, development studies and NGOs, and Middle East and African Studies.

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