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Reverse Vaccinology - Concept, Methods and Advancement

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  • 2024

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Reverse Vaccinology: Concept, Methods and Advancement presents the development strategy of new vaccines through genome sequencing bioinformatics analysis. Reverse vaccinology promises to revolutionize vaccine development, especially for pathogens to which the classical applications of Pasteur’s principles have failed, and it is explained in detail in this book. The book is split into three sections: the first, Concept, brings the basis of reverse vaccinology, vaccine antigen discovery, and subunit vaccine; the second, Tools and Methods, describes immunoinformatic, proteomics for epitope-vaccine design, data bases, network analysis, machine learning, and NGS driven antigen screening technology. The book's final section, Disease Case Study, discusses real-world examples in the development of new vaccines for diverse diseases. It is a valuable resource for bioinformaticians, researchers, students, and member of the biomedical and medical fields who want to learn more about a new and agile process for the development of new vaccines.

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