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Solid State NMR - Principles, Methods, and Applications

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  • 2021

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Solid State NMR A thorough and comprehensive textbook covering the theoretical background, experimental approaches, and major applications of solid-state NMR spectroscopyNuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a powerful non-destructive technique capable of providing information about the molecular structure and dynamics of molecules. Alongside solution-state NMR, a well-established technique to study chemical structures and investigate physico-chemical properties of molecules in solutions, solid-state NMR (SSNMR) offers many exciting possibilities for the analysis of solid and soft materials across scientific fields. SSNMR shows unique capabilities for a detailed investigation of structural and dynamic properties of materials over wide space and time ranges. For this reason, and thanks to significant advances in the past several years, the application of SSNMR to materials is rapidly increasing in disciplines such as chemistry, physics, and materials and life sciences. Solid State NMR: Principles, Methods, and Applications offers a systematic introduction to the theory, methodological concepts, and major experimental methods of SSMR spectroscopy. Exploring the unique potential of SSNMR for the structural and dynamic characterization of soft and either amorphous or crystalline solid materials, this comprehensive textbook provides foundational knowledge and recent developments of SSNMR, covering physical and theoretical background, experimental methods, and applications to pharmaceuticals, polymers, inorganic and hybrid materials, liquid crystals, and model membranes. Written by two expert authors to ensure a clear and consistent presentation of the subject, this textbook:Includes a brief introduction to the historical aspects and broad theoretical background of solid-state NMR spectroscopyProvides helpful illustrations to explain the various SSNMR concepts and methodsFeatures accessible descriptive text with self-consistent use of quantum mechanicsCovers the experimental aspects of SSNMR spectroscopy and in particular a description of many useful pulse sequencesContains references to relevant literatureSolid State NMR: Principles, Methods, and Applications is the ideal textbook for university courses on SSNMR, advanced spectroscopies, and a valuable single-volume reference for spectroscopists, chemists, and researchers in the field of materials.

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