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Strategies and Challenges of Sustainable Development in Eurasia

  • Innbundet

  • 2024

  • Engelsk

This book examines the main environmental challenges and their management in post-Soviet Eurasia and China. It uncovers international, national, and subnational dimensions in sustainable development and aims to facilitate understanding of pressing environmental problems in the region.

While supporting the values and goals of sustainable development at the international level, states might employ very different strategies at the national, regional and local levels. The goal of this edited book is twofold. First, it aims to advance our understanding of different strategies, paying special attention to China and Russia at global, national, and sub-national levels. Thus, analysis of their strategies across different levels presents a more rounded picture. The second goal is to identify at least a few of the most pressing challenges of sustainable development across post-Soviet Eurasia and China (e.g. nuclear supply chain, emissions, environmental conflict management) and to attempt to understand their triggers, outcomes, and potential solutions. This book reflects the state-of-the-art before the invasion in Ukraine took place. It aspires to develop a better dialogue across different sets of literature in area studies, environmental politics, and international relations to improve our understanding of obstacles to sustainable development in Eurasia.

The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Post-Communist Economies.

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