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The Humoral Herbal - A Practical Guide to the Western Energetic System of Health, Lifestyle and Herbs

  • Pocket

  • 2021

  • Engelsk

A comprehensive and beautifully illustrated guide to understanding the humours of the body and balancing them with plant medicine.

This in-depth textbook explores the traditional art of restoring health by balancing the four humours of the body and explains how this healing wisdom can be used for our benefit today, complete 

The Humoral Herbal describes with clarity the key concepts of western humoral medicine, and how to diagnose imbalances in the humours.

In accessible narrative, aided by colour charts and photographs, Stephen Taylor details how to correct these imbalances through the use of herbs and changes in diet and lifestyle.

The book also explores Medieval astrological symbolism, and through the use of clear charts and diagrams, explains how the different humours function and influence health.

A comprehensive and practical herbal guide details the humoral and planetary characteristics of each herb and how to choose the correct remedy.

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