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My Cool Classic Car - An Inspirational Guide to Classic Cars

  • Innbundet

  • 2021

  • Engelsk

Fuelled by passion, nostalgia and perhaps eccentricity over necessity, Chris Haddon unveils often overlooked and garage-dwelling cars and introduces you to the worlds’ most classic cars and their owners.Some are immaculate, while some come with rust, but regardless of age and value, they are regularly used, loved and clock up an impressive mileage.Cast your mind back to a time of car design when individuality was a selling point and manufacturers dared to be different. My Cool Classic Car explores quirky design aspects, big and small, good (or bad) handling traits and humorous, slightly haphazard approaches to solutions. In all cases, My Cool Classic Car embraces manufacturers’ individuality and the trends of the era.My Cool Classic Car allows us to pause, think and reconnect with a time when dashboards and interior spaces were art forms in their own right.Chapters include:Beloved: Read about treasured cars packed full of memories that will never have a selling price, such is the connection between owner and vehicle.Retro: Lose yourself in nostalgic time capsules with styling, colours and materials driven solely by inspirations and fashions of the time.Glory Days: Who wouldn’t want to return to fast-paced times when automotive design was in its prime? Explore a snapshot of deliberate extremes in car design from around the globe.Classic Eccentrics: From a well-used Model T Ford, to an iconic DeLorean, step away from the ordinary and embrace individuality through eccentricity.Sports: Sports cars are all about the driving and the enjoyment it brings. Think simplistic designs, sleek lines and long curves.
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