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Shepherdess Warriors Vol 1

  • Pocket

  • 2024

  • Engelsk

Adventure isn''t just for boys!
It’s been 10 years since the men of the village left to fight in The Great War. Ten years since they left the women, children and the older generation for a conflict far away from home and that they knew almost nothing about, except that it was about the security of their nation, their valley, their families. Ten years have passed since anyone has had any news of the war...
But the women, rather than feeling sorry for themselves, quickly took charge of village matters. This is how the Order of Shepherdess Warriors was formed, a group of female fighters chosen among the most courageous and acrimonious, to protect not only their flocks, but also the village!
Molly is happy because as soon as she turns 10 she can finally start training and if she’s good enough she can join the order, and work out why there are more and more ferocious wolves in the valley. This quest will take her far beyond the boundaries of the land she knows, into the sorcerers’ forest and on the trail of her missing parents.
Shepherdess Warriors is the odyssey of a young heroine living great adventures in a medieval-fantasy universe inspired by Celtic legends. An endearing story, suitable for most all ages, which gives pride of place to family and community ties, carried by warm, charming graphics and a scenario rich in humor with twists and turns.
Winner of the 2022 Angouleme Prize - Best Title for Ages 8-12 & Up!
Animated series currently in development! Watch trailer here: https://vimeo.com/754295000/25f6349ed2
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