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The Case of the Michaelmas Goose

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  • 2023

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Detective-Sergeant Martin christened him ''Whiskers'', but nobody could be certain who he really was. That was not the only question that confronted Inspector Charlton of the C.I.D. How, for instance, did young Courtenay Harbord die? And why? Who was Number 106 and in what way did Mr. Ninian McCullough upset the apple-cart? The fourth Duke of Redbourn had built Etchworth Tower on the summit of High Down in 1782 and it was at the foot of it that they found Harbord one autumn morning, false bearded and with a broken neck. It looked, on the face of it, a simple case of suicide, but was it? This story of the Goose, the Killing and the Golden Eggs is not a murder mystery solved by an amateur criminologist from the depths of an armchair, but a page from the casebook of a professional detective, who does not get results by sitting still. A delicately-handled love affair adds piquancy to the complicated, but never tedious, investigation; Sergeant Bert Martin is always there with his pungent Coc

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