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The Year that Didn't Exist

  • Pocket

  • 2023

  • Engelsk

Walter's freshman year at a top Engineering School wasn't what he had hoped for. Academic success was a given but wasn't college supposed to be about freedom, drugs and wild sex? This was 1969 after all. But as Walter laments "freshman year was just OK, I somehow missed out on that sex thing." Walter was hoping sophomore year will be his MVP season. Regrettably it wasn't, it was a nothing, in fact it was The Year that Didn't Exist. The story opens with Walter's big mistake: securing off-campus housing with two roommates he finds intolerable. One chapter details his accidental meeting, and getting stoned with Jane and Tom H. They, activist-celebrities, on their way to a Vietnam protest rally at the Tute, Tom being the keynote speaker. Several chapters are devoted to his introduction and obsession with recreational drugs, pot, hashish, LSD and Ludes. How he meets his first girlfriend, the result of a bet, as to who would score better on a biology test, is thoroughly, but not graphically detailed. And finally, the only real highlight of his meaningless year, teaming up with drug buddy Strappa and winning a collegiate bowling championship, provides a humorous ending to the saga. The Year that Didn't Exist should strike chords that ring true in almost everyone and hopefully transport the reader back to their college days, days perhaps simpler and likely filled with unbound optimism.

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