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Romaine Wasn't Built in a Day - The Delightful History of Food Language

  • Lydbok, nedlastbar

  • 2023

  • Engelsk

A surprising and hilarious history of the language of food. Perfect for readers of Susie Dent and Mark Forsyth, and fans of QI.
All food has a story, reaching as far back into history as language itself. As languages followed and reflected the tides of civilizations, food language came to represent some of the highs and lows of how humans communicate: from the highbrow 'Chateauneuf du Pape: (the Pope's new castle)' to the 'nun's farts' of Jamaica (also known as 'beignets').
Chock full of food puns, linguistic did-you-knows and delectable trivia, Romaine Wasn't Built in A Day is your go-to gift for your trivia nerds, your history buffs, your crossword fiends, and your Scrabble diehards. This is the surprising and hilarious history of food, told through the lens of the fascinating evolution of language.
(p) 2023 Hachette Book Group

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