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Feminist Encounters in Statebuilding - The Role of Women in Making the State in Kosovo

  • Innbundet

  • 2024

  • Engelsk

This volume provides one of the first comprehensive feminist readings of international statebuilding, with a specific focus on the case of Kosovo.

Rather than simply showing how the state in Kosovo is being built by and through women and feminist encounters, this volume is interested to problematize women and feminist subjectivities vis-a-vis the state and statebuilding. The book challenges three main arguments related to the processes and subjects of statebuilding in Kosovo. First, the academic literature on Kosovo has a tendency to take the international intervention of 1999 as the originary point of statebuilding processes in Kosovo. Second, and relatedly, given Kosovo''s unprecedented exposure to Western intervention and statebuilding, the majority of works start from the presumption that liberal interventionism in Kosovo (and elsewhere) is normatively more progressive than the previous system, and that the liberal interventionism and statebuilding are naturally gender progressive and gender-equal. The third argument has to do with the existing legal architecture on gender and women’s rights in contemporary Kosovo. The aim of the volume is to, on the one hand, problematize the evidence against the backdrop of everyday manifestations and/or performances of statebuilding and on the other hand interrogate the co-constitutive gender aspect. In terms of methodology, the volume brings together contributions that rely on traditional and multi-sited ethnography, and narrative research rooted in projects and initiatives in Kosovo. This allows the contributors to unearth new and silenced actors, entry points, subjects and subjectivities in processes of and related to statebuilding in Kosovo; feminist frictions and challenges to statebuilding in Kosovo; as well as encounters of heteronormative statebuilding.

This book will be of much interest to students of statebuilding, Balkan politics, feminisms, and International Relations, in general.

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