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The Behaviour Whisperer - 100 Ways Teachers Can Communicate to Improve Their Students' Focus in the Classroom

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  • 2024

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Dealing with poor behaviour is exhausting and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! Some teachers keep their students in line with apparent ease. They defuse tricky situations with discreet words and almost imperceptible gestures. They extract work from the most reticent students. Yet even experienced teachers are not immune to the impact of bad behaviour on both the classroom environment and their own wellbeing. In this exciting new book, bestselling author Mark Roberts shares the secrets of how behaviour whispering can improve 100 common classroom problems, from the student who is always late to the class that is unsettled by a wasp.

Divided into two sections, part one features 80 common behaviour scenarios that teachers are likely to encounter. Roberts reframes ineffective responses to these scenarios by using language that helps students feel supported, and helps you succeed in regaining control of the situation. Part two introduces 20 non-verbal forms of communication that can be used in a variety of behaviour situations to manage the problem without singling out a troublesome or unfocused student. Each of the 100 scenarios featured in the book is accompanied by an illustration and an explanation of why this phrase or gesture works. Practical next steps follow at the end of every scenario, giving further suggestions on how to maintain good behaviour.

Providing unrivalled insight into the importance of communication and the psychology that underpins it, the book breaks behaviour down to a granular level, offering tried and trusted responses to virtually every conceivable classroom behaviour scenario at primary and secondary levels.

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