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DCC RPG: Dungeon Denizens

  • Innbundet

  • 2024

  • Engelsk

Goodman Games presents Dungeon Denizens, 500+ fully developed monsters for your DCC RPG game. A judge armed with this book, along with a vivid imagination, will be armed to craft thoughtful, challenging encounters for even the most skilled and demanding players. The next time your characters pry open a stuck dungeon door, surprise them with one of these Dungeon Denizens!
Dungeon Denizens is a 500+ page hardcover of foes encompassing a wide range of monsters. Each entry includes brand-new full-color art, fully developed DCC RPG statistics, plus notes on ecology, evocative lore, and tactics. Appendices include new monster tables including random encounters, critical hits, and ways to make these curious creatures even more unique in you DCC RPG campaigns.

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