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A Very Merry, Muddy Christmas - A Farm-Inspired Holiday Story

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  • 2024

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Pitter! Patter! Pit Pat. Smack! The North Pole knew all about snow, but rain? This was a Christmas Eve rainstorm unlike anything Santa Claus had ever seen.

Santa and his reindeer won't let a bit of rain stop them from delivering presents to all the good little kids around the world on Christmas Eve—or so they think.

As they take off into the worsening downpour in rain gear for the reindeer, and a super waterproof suit for Santa, they expect it'll be business as usual. But then the reindeer start to sneeze. And soon, the sneezing not only knocks them off course, but right out of the sky!

They crash land in the middle of a farm in a rain storm, which means . . . mud. So much mud. 

The sleigh is stuck, the reindeer are sick, and Santa isn't sure how he's going to get the rest of the presents to the children.

Just then, Logan appears, riding the very same toy tractor Santa had left for him last Christmas Eve. With a rope and some effort, Logan manages to pull Santa and the reindeer from the mud pit, but the sleigh is stuck for good.

As they warm up and dry off in the barn, Santa and Logan try to come up with a plan to finish delivering the presents. But the reindeer are too sick to continue. And Santa doesn't have a sleigh any longer. How can he continue his journey?

A kind and determined little boy, a barn full of eager farm animals, and a little bit of Christmas magic may give Santa a Christmas Eve present of his own.

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