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Alex vs Axel: The Impossible Quests

  • Pocket

  • 2024

  • Engelsk

The hilarous new fantasy adventure from the author of Charlie Changes Into a Chicken.
Alex is a normal, everyday kid, living in a normal, everyday city. Axel is a monster-slaying hero, living in a world of magic. Unfortunately, they look exactly the same. So when the two boys mysteriously swap places, each of them ends up being mistaken for the other.
With zero knowledge of dragon hunting and a very real aversion to danger, Alex is thrust into an epic quest to defeat the evil Felonius Gloam, who has stolen the Book of Lifetales and is using it to unravel the very fabric of the world of Aërth.
Axel''s chances aren''t much better. Faced with double maths, a grandma who''s six months behind on the rent, and a crucial chess tournament he''s expected to win, his ''decapitate first, ask questions later'' strategy isn''t yielding the best results.
Can the two boys complete their Impossible Quests™ and find their way back to their own lives - or will they each discover they don''t have a life to come back to . . . ?

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