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Diffusions in Architecture: Artificial Intelligence and Image Generators

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  • 2024

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DIFFUSIONS IN ARCHITECTURE A guide to diffusion models and their impact on design, with insight on how this novel artificial intelligence technology may disrupt the industry Diffusions in Architecture: Artificial Intelligence and Image Generators delves into the impact of Generative AI models and their effect on architecture design and aesthetics. The book presents an in-depth analysis of how these new technologies are revolutionizing the field of architecture and changing the way architects approach their work. The architects presented in the book focus on the application of specific AI techniques and tools used in generative design, such as Diffusion models, Dall-E2, Stable Diffusion, and MidJourney. It discusses how these techniques can generate synthetic images that are both realistic and imaginative, creating new possibilities for architectural design and aesthetics. Twenty-two leading designers and theorists offer their insights, providing disciplinary depth by covering the full impact of these learning tools on architecture.
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