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Convergence of Blockchain and Internet of Things in Healthcare

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  • 2024

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IoT and blockchain are two new technologies that combine elements and elements from many ways. A system where the virtual and physical worlds interact is created by integrating pervasive computing, ubiquitous computing, and communication technologies, sensing technologies, Internet Protocol, and embedded devices. A massive amount of linked devices and vast amounts of data present new prospects for developing services that can directly benefit the economy, environment, society, and individual residents. Due to the size of IoT and insufficient data security, security breaches may have a huge impact and have negative effects. IoT not only connects gadgets but also people and other entities, leaving every IoT component open to a wide variety of assaults. The implementation and application of IoT and blockchain technology in actual scientific, biomedical, and data applications are covered in this book. The book highlights important advancements in health science research and development by applying the distinctive capabilities inherent to distributed ledger systems. Each chapter describes the current uses of blockchain in real-world data collection, medicine development, device tracking, and more meaningful patient interaction. All of these are used to create opportunities for expanding health science research. This paradigm change is studied from the perspectives of pharmaceutical executives, biotechnology entrepreneurs, regulatory bodies, ethical review boards, and blockchain developers.

Key Features:

  • The impact of the proposed book is to provide a major area of concern to develop a foundation for the implementation process of blockchain and IoT devices based on Healthcare related technology.
  • The researchers working on image processing and IoT devices can correlate their work with other requirements of advanced technology in Healthcare domain.
  • To make aware of the latest technology like AI and Machine learning in Healthcare related technology.
  • Useful for the researcher to explore new things like Security, cryptography, and privacy in Healthcare related technology.
  • People who want to start in Healthcare related technology with blockchain and IoT world.

This book is primarily for senior undergraduates, graduate students and academic researchers in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, computer science and engineering, and biomedical engineering.                                                    


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