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Nanotechnology Horizons in Food Process Engineering - Volume 3: Trends, Nanomaterials, and Food Delivery

  • Innbundet

  • 2023

  • Engelsk

Although nanotechnology has revolutionized fields such as medicine, genetics, biology, bioengineering, mechanics, and chemistry, its increasing application in the food industry is relatively recent in comparison. Nanotechnology in the food industry is now being explored for creating new flavors, extending food shelf life, and improving food protection and nutritional value, as well as for intelligent nutrient delivery systems, “smart” foods, contaminant detection nanodevices and nanosensors, advanced food processing, antimicrobial chemicals, encapsulation, and green nanomaterials.

This new three-volume set addresses a multitude of topical issues and new developments in the field. Volume 1 focuses on food preservation, food packaging and sustainable agriculture, while Volume 2 looks at nanotechnology in food process engineering, applications of biomaterials in food products, and the use of modern nanotechnology for human health. The third volume explores the newest trends in nanotechnology for food applications and their application for improving food delivery systems.

Together, these three volumes provide a comprehensive and in-depth look at the emerging status of nanotechnology in the food processing industry, explaining the benefits and drawbacks of various methodologies that will aid in the improvement and development of food product sourcing and food hygiene monitoring methods.

Volume 3: Trends, Nanomaterials and Food Delivery provides an overview of the current trends in nanotechnology for food applications and food delivery systems. Topics include a collection of chapters on diverse topics, including the stability of nanoparticles in food, nanobiosensing for the detection of food contaminants, nanotechnology applications in agriculture, the role of nanotechnology in nutrient delivery, how nanotechnology is applied in dairy products, biofunctional magnetic nanoparticles in food safety, the development of nutraceuticals using nanotechnological tools, and more.

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