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Textbook of Von Willebrand Disease - Basic and Clinical Aspects

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  • 2024

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TEXTBOOK OF VON WILLEBRAND DISEASE Comprehensive resource summarizing recent research on von Willebrand disease, showing clinicians how to optimize management of patients with this disorder The newly revised and updated second edition of Textbook of von Willebrand Disease: Basic and Clinical Aspects, 2nd edition describes the important and complex role of von Willebrand factor (VWF) in hemostasis and thrombosis, covering not only the current understanding of its molecular biology, but also the association between genetic variants of VWF and different von Willebrand disease (VWD) phenotypes. The text also reviews the important area of the obstetric and gynecological manifestations of VWD, as well as how to manage patients with VWD for surgery. Many advances in agents are included in this updated edition, as well as the wide topics such as VWF in Angiogenesis, and VWF/ADAMTS13 as risk factors of thrombosis. Edited by a team of experts in VWD and an international team of contributors, Textbook of von Willebrand Disease covers sample topics such as: VWF structure and function, biosynthesis and organization of VWF, modulation of VWF by ADAMTS13 and assessment of VWF clearance Clinical, laboratory and molecular markers of different VWD types, from the mild forms of type 1 VWD and the moderate variants types 2A, 2B, 2M, 2N to the most severe type 3 VWD Pediatric aspects of VWD and of women with VWD Management of GI bleeds and appropriate therapies in surgery, and plasma-derived and recombinant VWF concentrates Acquired von Willebrand Syndrome, cardiovascular causes of AVWS, gastrointestinal bleeds in VWD and AVWS, and prophylaxis in von Willebrand disease Providing complete and accessible coverage of the subject, Textbook of von Willebrand Disease: Basic and Clinical Aspects, 2nd edition is a valuable resource for hematologists in practice and in training, along with specialists in thrombosis, hemostasis, and bleeding/clotting disorders.

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