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Critical Millennium: The RPG Core Rulebook

  • Innbundet

  • 2025

  • Engelsk

Welcome to the future we all saw coming but were too stubborn to give a damn about. Outside, the sun blisters your skin and torrential rains stink of battery acid. Bleating air traffic blots the sky above overcrowded shanty towns and silvery towers alike. Governments and corporations promote a better life through hard work—but when has that ever not been a load of crap?
You may not be able to fix the planet, but you can change your own destiny. Risk your life on deadly game shows for riches and fabulous prizes. Leap-frog politics to force your chosen agenda. Push the limits of both technology and human endurance. Discover the secrets of the stars and leave your old life behind. All of these paths and more are possible in this grim future where gravity-based tech can defy physics. Here, humanity’s survival may just rely on you.
Built on the official Magnetic Variant (D6MV) of the classic D6 System role-playing game rules created by West End Games, CRITICAL MILLENNIUM is easy to learn yet full of challenges to master.
This epic science fiction role-playing game is designed by Award-winning RPG author and designer Andrew E.C. Gaska (Alien RPG, Terminator RPG) and filled with a wealth of additional world-building material to supplement the universe merely glimpsed in CRITICAL MILLENNIUM – THE DARK FRONTIER graphic novel.
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