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Xcrawl Classics #4: Death in the Dungeon of Tomorrow

  • Pocket

  • 2024

  • Engelsk

Goodman Games is happy to announce XCC #4 Death in the Dungeon of Tomorrow for Xcrawl Classics RPG. The PCs’ professional adventuring careers are doomed unless they find some way to earn enough money to become members of the Adventurer’s Guild again. Luckily, some researchers from UCLA’s Technomagic Department make them an offer: spend one weekend allowing them to map their moves onto a virtual dungeon for fast cash. What could go wrong?
XCC #4 Death in the Dungeon of Tomorrow is an unpredictable Xcrawl adventure for 4th level Xcrawlers, and the first adventure to take place outside of the normal arena setting. Get ready for digital dragons, fish from space, nightmare wolves, and Xcrawl’s first ever recurring villain!

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