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17+ Biblical Reasons Christianity Is Wrong About Same-Sex Marriage

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  • 2020

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To start with, Biblical isn’t the correct standard we should be measuring ourselves against...

An ‘eye for an eye’ is Biblical.  One husband and many wives is Biblical.  Samson growing his hair long & Paul telling men to keep their hair short is Biblical.  Hermeneutics is a way to study the Bible (with or without Holy Spirit’s help) to limit errors in doctrine, but it’s a man-made process (and as such) has errors of its own.

Christians follow a living Savior who promises that His sheep can hear His voice.  When we get off track, He fights for us!  Like Cory Asbury’s song, He lights up shadows, tears down walls, & climbs mountains to retrieve us!

When you read the Bible, do this one thing differently - picture GOD teaching us to prioritize loving others like Jesus loves us.  Anything that doesn’t prioritize loving GOD first & loving and serving others second should be suspect.  Be for others & not against them & don’t judge or condemn others.

How can we do that & still follow all the laws?  It’s very simple but very difficult to do.   Jesus shows us how to do it.  Jesus’ Model concentrates on the work that needs to be done on us.  Jesus was perfect & without sin & gave grace to sinners by not consuming them with Holy Fire. The world does the exact opposite - we give grace to ourselves (since we know the extenuating circumstances) & we hold others to high standards (since they should know better). This is an obstacle between us & Jesus.

This book was written to help free Christians from Team Satan's snare of confusion.  This is an illustrated children’s book for adults giving 17 reasons showing GOD is for same-sex marriage & not against it.  He is for His children who experience same-sex attraction and not against them.

The correct standard we should be striving towards is Jesus. The Bible is an amazing tool GOD gave us to do that.

Based on the book Making Team Jesus Irresistible: Jesus' Model for Unity

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